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The Cowtown Opry

The Cowtown Opry is also a big part of Cowboy Campfire Tales.


The Horse I Love The Best – Cowtown Opry Buckaroos performing a song they wrote for Pam Minick, the CTO’s 2011 gala honoree, in February, 2011.

The Cowtown Opry also has a gala dinner each year here is a live western play.
Sweet Stockyards Sue western play Cowtown Opry Gala Melodrama

This is the original Sweet Stockyards Sue western play Melodrama Cowtown Opry Gala done over a decade ago. Barry Corbin was in attendance for the play, Cowtown Opry, a 501c3 non profit, IRS approved organization located in the Ft Worth Stockyards National Historic District,
The Cowtown Opry is dedicated to promoting and performing Texas heritage music.
Cowtown Opry Club is a group of performers who are mighty proud of the great musical heritage of Texas, and we do what we love best – preserve it, promote it and perform it! Folks from all over the world come to our Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District, just to experience the legacy of the Texas cowboy and the American West. Cowtown Opry performers have the privilege of continuing this legacy through music.
We specialize in bringing western music shows, free to the public in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. We present both vintage and contemporary western music, Texas music, music from the singing cowboy movies, old time cowboy ballads, and western swing (THE official music of Texas!)—always setting forth that unique style that is associated with American cowboy music. Contrary to the popular conception, this genre is distinctly separate from country/pop styles, and we exist to prove that difference.
Cowtown Opry Club coordinators & show hosts provide guidance through songlists, lyrics, and rehearsals by request, in addition to providing performance opportunities. CTO performing members (Saddlepals and Buckaroos) are expected to make efforts to expand a personal western music repertoire, appear in classic western attire, make timely arrivals for shows, and pay annual dues. Cowtown Opry maintains an office in the Livestock Exchange Building, provides musical scholarships for young performers and produces weekly Sunday afternoon shows. Cowtown Opry is supported by donations, sponsors, grants, membership fees, an annual gala fundraiser and performance fees.
Cowtown Opry · 131 E. Exchange Ave. ste#140 · Fort Worth, Texas 76164-8200

See more about The Cowtown Opry on their official website

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